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Grey Smith       press kit


      Grey Smith is an emerging artist from DC. His freshman project debuted on Feb 1st, 2019. In that short period of time, his album "Ghost Notes" has accumulated almost 200,000 plays across all platforms. Grey used to be a psychotherapist for the criminal population and left that life to make this project come true. His story has been featured by NBC, CBS, ABC, and 173 other media outlets. This led to Grey's picture being put on the Reuter's Billboard in Times Square. 

Since then, he has been contacted by major media organizations such as the New York Times to work on a documentary style monologue about mental health statistics in the US.

The current goal for this project is to secure press placements to build an online presence while we all wait for Covid-19 to go away and for stages to open back up.

Grey's optimal demographic and audience would be largely hip hop centered, though the music frequently steps into Rock, Downtempo, and Electronic arenas and is performed with a live band.

Please contact with any questions, opportunities, or ideas.

Grey Smith - All My Friends Are On Heroin (Unreleased song/Unlisted video)

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